Francuzskie avtografy v fonde Nacional’noj biblioteki Belarusi

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Французские автографы в фонде Национальной библиотеки Беларуси / / | 978-985-6879-50-3 | Nacional’naja biblioteka Belarusi / Национальная библиотека Беларуси | 2011 | CD-ROM : Intel Pentium II 400; 64 Mb RAM; SVGA; Windows 98 | Minsk / Минск

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Verlag Nacional’naja biblioteka Belarusi / Nacional’naja biblioteka Belarusi / Национальная библиотека Беларуси
Autor / /
Stadt Minsk / Minsk / Минск
Seiten CD-ROM : Intel Pentium II 400; 64 Mb RAM; SVGA; Windows 98
ISBN 978-985-6879-50-3
Detail National Library of Belarus has a unique collection of books autographed by the authors. For a given electronic resource were selected 66 books, published in France in the late XIX - first half of XX century. The authors of these publications are famous French writers and poets, belonging to the various literary movements of this period (Victor Hugo, Emile Zola, A. Erman, Jean-Paul Sartre, JA Roney, Sr., G. Simenon, P. Eluard, P. Verlaine, Jean Cocteau, etc.), as well as prominent politicians (J. Clemenceau, P. Doumer), representatives of the painting (Marc Chagall, Jean Effel) and architecture (Le Corbusier). The electronic resources include bibliographic descriptions of books autographed by the authors (located in the Russian alphabetical order) scanned images of title pages of books and autographs, autographs interpretation in French and translated into Russian Portraits and brief biographical details of authors and recipients as possible. The publication will be interesting and useful to professionals student of French literature. Volume - 615 MB. /// ///

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