Nikolaj Kosteckij: Sipy i rozy

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Николай Костецкий: Шипы и розы / Arbatskaja Ju., Vichljaev K. / Арбатская Ю., Вихляев К. | 978-966-1691-56-7 | N. Orianda / Н. Орiанда | 2012 | 136 S. | Simferopol’ / Симферополь

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Verlag N. Orianda / N. Orianda / Н. Орiанда
Autor Arbatskaja Ju., Vichljaev K. / Arbatskaia Iu., Vikhliaev K. / Арбатская Ю., Вихляев К.
Stadt Simferopol’ / Simferopol’ / Симферополь
Seiten 136 s.
ISBN 978-966-1691-56-7
Detail N.D. Kostetsky, who was a gifted pomiculturist, agriculturalist, lecturer and theoretician of agricultural economy, within last 10 years of his life had worked at Nikitsky Botanical Garden and within rather short period of time he had developed over 30 rose cultivars. The scientific basis of rose selection, which had been founded by him, had given the Nikitsky Botanical Garden an opportunity to become a leader in the country's rose breeding in 1960-1980s. He was a man of fantastic destiny - an immigrant, prisoner of tsar and soviet prisons (for political beliefs) and a friend of N.I. Vavylov, who saved his life from commitments and exiles not once. N.D. Kostetsky died in the age of 75. Up to the last day of his life he hold his office at the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. This book is a tribute to the memory of a great scientist who was devoted to his business. It is intended for the general public. /// ///

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