Cerkasskie evrei : Istoriko-kraevedceskij ocerk

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Черкасские евреи : Историко-краеведческий очерк  / Strasevic, Vasilij Borisovic / Страшевич, Василий Борисович | 978-617-7475-08-7 | Vertykal’ / Вертикаль | 2017 | 264 S. | Cerkasy / Черкасы

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Verlag Vertykal’ / Vertikal’ / Вертикаль
Autor Strasevic, Vasilij Borisovic / Strashevich, Vasilii Borisovich / Страшевич, Василий Борисович
Stadt Cerkasy / Cherkasy / Черкасы
Seiten 264 S.
ISBN 978-617-7475-08-7
Detail Cherkasy Jews: Historical and Regional Studies This book affects a historical epoch from the middle of 16th century to our days. She narrates about life, fate and role of jewries in city Cherkasies, about the considerable deposit of natives from Cherkasies in cultural, economic, industrial, scientific, political spheres of activity in a scale, both cities and countries. A book tells about the revival of Jewish community of city and her activity in our time. /// ///

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