Drevnosti Majacnogo poluostrova. Archeologiceskaja charakteristika pamjatnikov

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Древности Маячного полуострова. Археологическая характеристика памятников / Nikolaevnko G.M. / Николаевнко Г.М. | 978-5-6040392-3-6 | Al’batros / Альбатрос | 2018 | 344 S., Grossformat | Sevastopol’ / Севастополь

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Verlag Al’batros / Al’batros / Альбатрос
Autor Nikolaevnko G.M. / Nikolaevnko G.M. / Николаевнко Г.М.
Stadt Sevastopol’ / Sevastopol’ / Севастополь
Seiten 344 S., Grossformat
ISBN 978-5-6040392-3-6
Detail Unique monuments of ancient agriculture preserved on the Mayach Peninsula constantly attract the attention of scientists. The book summarizes the results of archaeological research carried out in the previous centuries, and also introduces into scientific circulation the materials obtained by the excavations of the Heraclean expedition of the state museum-reserve "Tauric Chersonesos". On the basis of the accumulated knowledge, a picture of the historical development of this region in the ancient and medieval period is being recreated. /// ///

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