Panerių dienoraštis 1941–1943 m.

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Panerių dienoraštis 1941–1943 m.

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/ Kazimierz Sakowicz / | 9786098037203 | LGGRTC / | 2012 | 204 S. | / Vilnius

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Autor Kazimierz Sakowicz
Stadt Vilnius
Seiten 204 S.
ISBN 9786098037203
Detail Paneriai is a neighborhood of Vilnius, situated about 10 kilometres away from the city center. Between July 1941 and August 1944, Paneriai became the mass murder site of approximately 100,000 victims, the vast majority of them Jews and Poles. The executions were carried out by German units of SD and SS with help from local Lithuanians Special SD and Security Police Squad Ypatingasis burys. The site of the massacre is commemorated by a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, a memorial to the Polish victims.

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