Auseklis Baušķenieks

Auseklis Baušķenieks

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/ Laima Slava / | 9789984807690 | / Neputns | 2011 | 380 S. | / Riga

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Verlag / / Neputns
Autor Laima Slava / Laima Slava /
Stadt / / Riga
Seiten 380 S.
ISBN 9,78998E+12
Detail /// /// A richly illustrated monography on the life and work of Auseklis Baušķenieks, the book reveals new and surprising facts and details. The album part consists of selected self-portraits, excerpts from interviews with the artist, reminiscences from Baušķenieks' wife and sons, and 200 reproductions of his works. The book is supplemented by a full scientific catalogue (Diāna Barčevska and Ilze Putniņa, Latvian National Museum of Art), a list of exhibitions and a bibliography (Aivija Everte, Latvian National Library) as well as a partial translation into English.

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