Komitet zapadnych gubernij: organizacija i dejatel’nost’ (1831-1848 gg.)

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Lepes O. V. / Лепеш О. В. | 978-985-500-395-4 | RIVS / РИВШ | 2010 | 158 S. | Minsk / Минск

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Verlag RIVS / RIVSh / РИВШ
Autor Lepes O. V. / Lepesh O. V. / Лепеш О. В.
Stadt Minsk / Minsk / Минск
Seiten 158 S.
ISBN 978-985-500-395-4
Detail "Комитет западных губерний: организация и деятельность (1831-1848 гг.)". The monograph is based on the materials of the Committee for the Western Provinces and describes the institution for management of Western and Belarusian provinces in the 1830s – 1840s. It analyzes the reasons for its establishment and mechanism of its functioning; special attention is given to means, forms and methods of the committee’s reforms in Belarusian provinces after the revolt of 1830-1831.

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