Internal Cohesion of the Visegrad Group

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/ Marušiak, Juraj (ed.) / | 978-80-224-1329-9 | Veda / | 2013 | 180 s. | Bratislava /

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Verlag Veda / Veda /
Autor Marušiak, Juraj (ed.) / Marušiak, Juraj (ed.) /
Stadt Bratislava / Bratislava /
Seiten 180 s.
ISBN 978-80-224-1329-9
Detail The aim of the publication is to analyze whether there is any Visegrad commonly shared identity or not and what could be the integrative factor of the Visegrad Group. The authors of the publication cover the following topics – historical identities, historical memory, economic cohesion and the level of economic cooperation of the V4 states, the role of the Visegrad topics in the university education and the political culture of the V4 states. The publication shows that the Visegrad cooperation is still based on the interests rather than on the commonly shared identity. However, the citizens of V4 countries already perceive Visegrad as a relevant and meaningful regional group. The fact that Visegrad is considered by the domestic political elites as well as by the political elites abroad as a “brand” or “mark” has a significant contribution to the construction of the regional identity. However, still the motivation of the political leaders to develop the Visegrad cooperation is more pragmatic than based on the awareness of belonging together. /// ///

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