Zemlevladel’cy Minskoj gubernii, 1861-1900: Spravocnik / Землевладельцы Минской губернии, 1861-1900: Справочник

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Drozd D. / Дрозд Д. | 978-985-6887-84-3 | Medysont / Медысонт | 2010 | 672 S. | Minsk / Минск

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Verlag Medysont / Medysont / Медысонт
Autor Drozd D. / Drozd D. / Дрозд Д.
Stadt Minsk / Minsk / Минск
Seiten 672 S.
ISBN 978-985-6887-84-3
Detail Землевладельцы Минской губернии, 1861-1900: Справочник. The edition includes the list of landowners of Minsk province in 1876 and partially in 1889 as well as materials of the author’s research based on the documents of the National Historical Archive of Belarus covering the issues of land tenure, sale and purchase of the land, rent, land parceling, testament of landowners, maps, plans and inventory of estates, quarrels at law concerning the right of possession, etc. /// ///

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