Sekretnyj uzel: Tajnaja vojna v Belarusi (1939-1944) / Секретный узел

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Smirnov N. / Смирнов Н. | 978-985-6941-27-9 | Litaratura і Mastactva / Лiтаратура і Мастацтва | 2010 | 248 S. | Minsk / Минск

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Verlag Litaratura і Mastactva / Litaratura і Mastatstva / Лiтаратура і Мастацтва
Autor Smirnov N. / Smirnov N. / Смирнов Н.
Stadt Minsk / Minsk / Минск
Seiten 248 S.
ISBN 978-985-6941-27-9
Detail "Секретный узел: Тайная война в Беларуси (1939-1944)".The book narrates about little known episodes of war of 1939-1944 on the territory of Belarus. It examines contribution of partisans and members of underground organizations, the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs of the Soviet Union (NKVD), military intelligence service, the Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Red Army, the Central and Belarusian Headquarters of the Partisan Movement to combating Nazism. /// ///

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