Lietuva prieš LTSR, d. 1

Lietuva prieš LTSR, d. 1

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Lietuva prieš LTSR, d. 1 / Remigijus Misiūnas / Remigijus Misiūnas | 978-9955-754-47-3 (1 dalis); 978-9955-754-46-6 | Bonus Animus / Bonus Animus | 2016 | 448 S. | Vilnius / Vilnius

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Verlag Bonus Animus / Bonus Animus / Bonus Animus
Autor Remigijus Misiūnas / Remigijus Misiūnas / Remigijus Misiūnas
Stadt Vilnius / Vilnius / Vilnius
Seiten 448 S.
ISBN 978-9955-754-47-3 (1 dalis); 978-9955-754-46-6
Detail Lithuania Before SSR D. 1: 1940-1945 The monograph explores the emigration and Lithuanian diplomatic service (LTD) Information combating SSR propaganda initial phase of occupation of Lithuania in 1940-1945. Lithuanian emigration's archived material analyzes information dissemination and influence on the emigrant community in support of Lithuania's aspiration to regain independence, together with LDT emphasizing its illegal annexation and insistently reminding the world leaders and the public about Lithuania as a legal state. Also explored is through what kind of action, by means of propaganda, the Soviet annexation of Lithuania was recognized. 1940: the occupation of Lithuania. The Soviet Union began a long struggle for the complete deletion of the map of the world and of memory and of the amendment of the Lithuanian SSR. Before such aspirations USSR joined abroad remained with Lithuanian diplomats and emigrants. This confrontation had an important place for information. Vilnius University professor Remigijus Misiunas examined numerous archival documents to analyze the structure of the USSR and the Lithuanian SSR's first combat phase. 1940-1945 m. - Put the information out to the world powers and the eyes of the public in order to establish how SSR voluntarily joined the Soviet republic's image. It is also aimed to make a choice: "support not only the communist emigrant community, but the entire diaspora." The book reveals the Lithuanian diplomats and the great diaspora of resistance to these ambitions, but at the same time however without information conflict with each other. /// ///

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